How to ask ‘R U OK?’

Have you got what it takes to ask ‘R U OK?’

Much of the funds raised in this year’s 7 Rocky River Run are going to R U OK Day to promote positive mental health and support for those struggling. The 7 Rocky River Run’s mission is to prevent youth suicide, and through R U OK, we hope to get one step closer.

R U OK are committed to encouraging conversation and care within schools, workplaces, families, friend groups and more, to let people air their feelings.

How to get involved

It’s as easy as asking ‘R U OK?’ You don’t have to be an expert; don’t feel pressured to be able to offer advice, solve all their problems, or know exactly how to respond. What is important is the act of asking and listening. Simply giving an opportunity for people to talk about how they feel can make a huge difference.

So get involved and ask a friend, classmate or coworker how they are. R U OK Day is next week!