It is R U OK Day today

Today is R U OK Day. This day aims to raise awareness of mental and emotional health, and encourages open communication between people, to offer support to those struggling.

The 2017 7 Rocky River Run aimed to raise funds for the prevention of youth suicide, an issue which has tragically impacted our community in Rockhampton this year. Through the event preparations, we spoke to a number of young people who have been directly affected by this. Because of this, we are even more driven to put an end to these preventable tragedies.

A large amount of the funds raised this year through the 7 Rocky River Run have gone to support R U OK Day. Through this, we hope to give people an opportunity to speak about their feelings, so that they feel supported and cared for. We encourage everyone to actively ask their friends, classmates and colleagues if they are okay. It doesn’t take any skill other than being a good listener, and opening up the opportunity for them to talk.


What’s happening at our offices?

 At CTC and throughout the other IntoWork Group businesses we are celebrating R U OK day, and taking steps to improve the openness and supportive environment of the workplace. Today we are running events and facilitating talks within our teams about mental health and understanding. You can follow our activities on the 7 Rocky River Run Facebook page.

Hopefully they can provide some ideas on how you can encourage those around you to air their feelings, or perhaps it will inspire you to talk about your own. You can talk with a friend, family member, classmate, colleague, or even message 7 Rocky River Run or CTC on Facebook if you need to talk through some things, and we will be happy to listen.

R U OK Day resources

You can also follow the R U OK Facebook page for their tips and event coverage. They are also there to talk if you don’t have someone handy, so shoot them a message on Facebook for a chat. R U OK also has a number of videos collected as part of their Conversation Convoy travels which illustrate the importance of asking ‘R U OK?’ Definitely worth a watch if you have a few minutes to spare.

R U OK have a number of resources available on their website, make sure you have a look and share them with the people around you.