8 year old Ben Lowry to run 10km in support of kidney health and organ donation

Ben Lowry photoIn 2016, 7 year old Ben Lowry was diagnosed with Kidney Disease and told he would one day require a transplant. Since the news, Ben has been determined to raise awareness and funds to support Kidney Health Australia and Donatelife, and has already raised over $1500!

“He works very hard to achieve his goals and does not let his illness stop him from setting out and achieving what he put his mind to,” Ben’s Mother Michelle explains.

Ben’s condition has also had an effect on how his parents approach fitness and health, knowing that they may be responsible for giving him a kidney one day. While running the 10km at the Rocky River Run last year, Michelle had her son’s health on her mind. Though she was tired and unwell with a cold herself, she drew inspiration from her son and was determined to persevere. This gave her the drive required to go on to complete a half marathon, while Ben, his father and brother ran 5km.

Lowry family at the 2017 7 Rocky River Run

Lowry family at the 2017 7 Rocky River Run

Now at 8 years old, Ben has set a new challenge for himself. He will be running 10km in the 2018 7 Rocky River Run to continue raising funds and awareness for the cause. Ben will be our youngest competitor ever to compete in this event. Keep an eye out for Ben in his pink Donatelife t-shirt at the run next year, and be sure to cheer him on when you see him!


If you would like the compete in the 2018 7 Rocky River Run, registrations are now open for the 2km, 5km, 10km and 21km events. Register today to walk, run, wheel or stroll, and get involved to support a great cause. We also provide further opportunities for fundraising through Everyday Hero.