Run for your favourite cause

Raise funds for the charity of your choice

Charitable donations mean even more when they’re close to your heart. For 2018, we’re once again partnering with Everyday Hero – letting you run for the cause that matters the most to you.

While we’re proud to work with organizations like R U OK? and Ronald McDonald House, for the 7 Rocky River Run you’re also more than welcome to pick the specific charity you’d like to assist. This flexibility might help to inspire you in pushing your fundraising goals further and running times even faster. Whether you’re raising funds yourself or getting support from your friends, it’s also a chance for everyone to make important contributions to our community and the world – and, of course, it always feels good to do good.

How to get involved

  1. Register for the run (either as a team or individual).
  2. Once registered, head to Everyday Hero to create your page and pick your charity.
  3. You’ll get a customized link that you can share with your friends, family and colleagues.
  4. Start fundraising! Let your peers know what you’re running for and how every little bit helps.

Prizes for the biggest fundraisers

This year, we’re also supporting your contributions with up to an additional $1,000 for your charity. The 7 Rocky River Run Fundraising Competition rewards the team that raises the most money via the Everyday Hero portal. This is how it works:

Enter a team of 5 (or more – there is no maximum number!), choose a charity via Everyday Hero, and raise funds for your run. The team that gets the most money will receive an additional $500 for their charity of choice. As a bonus… if the winning team raises over $5,000, we’ll double our prize money for a total additional donation of $1,000.

This is just a way for us to say thank you for your efforts and contributions, so get posting on your socials and collecting that support!

Get started

Start collecting donations for your favourite charity, make a one-off gift to your favourite cause, or sponsor a friend.

We can’t wait to see what you can do. We’ll see you soon for the 2018 edition of the 7 Rocky River Run!