Congratulations to the winners of the 2017 7Rocky River Run.
Thank you to everyone who participated in this event.

2017 winners

Channel 7 Half Marathon Men

1st:  Louis McAfee 1:12:21,88

2nd: Darryl Hill  1:13:44,20

3rd: Rhys Williams  1:21:28,63


Channel 7 Half Marathon Women

1st:  Kiarra Walters 1:27:52,56

2nd: Liz Maguire  1:29:21,03

3rd: Michelle Broadfoot  1:32:25,53


McDonald’s 10km  Men

1st: Lachie Irvine 34:02,35


McDonald’s 10km Women

1st: Josephine Auer 37:41,22


CTC 5km Men

1st:  Ciaran Toman 17:17,24


CTC 5km Women

1st:  Allison Gale 22:59,31


5km under 16 male

1st: Dylan Mills 17:42,25


5km under 16  female

1st:  Emily Authurs 21:40,29