5 Traits Your Sports Agent Must Have

Every athlete wants to make a living out of playing the sport he loves. And behind every successful and accessible athlete is an agent, working to make him great from the backend. Which is why the athlete-agent relationship has to be one of the most important things for both parties in order for them to succeed. It’s a symbiotic relationship which is why it’s necessary to have a sports agent that is the right fit for you. Here are 5 traits your sports agent must have.

Passion for the game

This is an important one. Your sports agent must have a passion for sports and must really believe in what you do. Sports management sydney can be a brutal industry to work in, and sometimes only people who have a true love for the game manage to succeed, so it’s important your agent understands and shares your love for the sport.

People skills

Your sports agent must have good people skills, He has to be likable and has to have a good reputation in the market in order for more and more opportunities to open doors. Since athletes work so closely with their agents, certain teams make sure you’re not signed with a bad agent before they sign you. All the more reason for your agent to have good relationships established in the industry.

Business sense

Other than the adrenaline filled, passion prone side of sports, there is a business element attached to it as well. Your sports agent must have a good business acumen and great negotiation skills to land you the best contracts and deals in order to make sure that you as an athlete, avail the best opportunities there are and your skills are projected on the best possible stage with all the benefits you can acquire.


Your sports agent should be someone who you can reach easily and don’t have to scramble after. You need to have someone who has your best interests in mind and knows how to deal with you in times of distress as well as success.

Trust and Honesty

The key to having a good working relationship with your sports agent is trust and honesty. You don’t want to be kept in the dark regarding your sporting future and the decisions around it so you need to know that your agent is out there doing his best for you. The trust and honesty needs to be established in order for you to relax and focus on the game rather than worry about your future!

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