How to train with the exercise bike

One of the most popular home fitness instruments of recent years is without a doubt the bike, which many people have chosen to lose weight and stay fit without having to move from home, even on cold and rainy winter days, but also to save money from an annual gym membership! Many Italian families today have an exercise bike inside their apartment to train. Thanks to the prince tool for home fitness we can burn the much hated cellulite, firm the buttocks, tone the legs, as well as sculpt the abdominals and even the arms, for an almost complete workout.

In this article we will be able to see together how to best train with this precious tool. All we need to train well with the bike, and of course the bike from home is a complete sports that allows us to move well. In addition, it is advisable to always have a small bottle of water at your fingertips, in this way we can make the body recover the liquids that will be lost while we sweat pedaling during the exercises. To train properly, you must follow some very important directives, such as the control of heart rate, the intensity and duration of the training that we are going to perform.

What we need

Before starting to pedal, as is appropriate for any proper training, it is important to start with a stretching phase. With these muscles stretching exercises, we can warm up the muscles of the arms and legs, avoiding later to incur muscle injuries such as stretching, very frequent when you train in cold weather. If we are not athletes and if we are not used to exercise the bike, in the early periods we could alternate a phase of stretching the muscles every 10 minutes of pedaling. In this way, blood circulation is accelerated and improved. Alternatively, every 10 minutes we can follow another 10 minutes of slow and bland pedaling, to always facilitate circulation.

Even at the end of the training we must follow with a stretching phase of fatigue, both for arms and legs. These are simple and small rules to follow to regain strength after each workout, getting used to the athletic exercise our body weighed down by days of work spent behind a desk. To get the best results do not have to train every day, otherwise we will have a reverse effect, instead, you should alternate days, training 3 times a week. If you start today with training on the exercise bike, the maximum duration of your workout should not exceed 30 minutes.

Start calmly

A time that you can increase with the course of the weeks, 5 minutes at a time. You can also get 60 minutes of continuous training, but it is not advisable to go further, to get the desired results. Following a gradual workout we will not put our body under stress, since the intensity of the training has its importance, the exercise must be done correctly. The effort to which the muscles are subject is adjusted by increasing or decreasing the intensity of the pedaling, which can be adjusted differently depending on the model of bike we buy.

The important thing for the novices is not to start with hard and heavy rides, because it would not bring any advantage, in fact you would risk putting too much strain on your muscles, causing muscle injuries. We start with a normal ride, then increase in intensity with the passing of the weeks. Finally, by using a heart rate monitor or an on-board computer, which can be found on some exercise bike models, we can control our heart rate so as not to strain the heart, risking getting worse rather than improving our physical well-being.

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